It has been just over a year and look where we are! 
FIRST:  A MESSAGE FROM THE BOSS:As you know Andy Welch is not a man of many
words. But I managed to eke these out of him.
A very successful first year for the club with much diverse shooting to offer all of us. Renewals of membership was very good, only loosing a couple of folk. The Calendar for 2020 is starting to fill out with plenty for everyone.  Thanks for your support and continue to shoot straight.  
Have a good Christmas and see you all on the range next year starting at Orion in

After a fantastic shoot at Orion, we have now secured another range booking for the 24th January. This may be on the main pilgrims range or the dark side or a mixture, depending upon shooter requests. You will find the shoot calendar below with
further HME dates. Gardners guns will be on the menu as a cheap HME day over the summer, as will a day at Roundhouse. If members wish to shoot, they should simply email Raf and he will book ranges.

At our last Orion Shoot, I became fed up of shooting multiple rifles. I am moving to
the modular system, and disposing of many of my modern rifles. After consultation with Andy Welch, our Chairman, we decided that rather than try to sell my .338
Lapua, I would lend it to the club for a period of two years or more. (with a Bushnell scope). It will be fully serviced by the most excellent HPS in Gloucestershire, and
then stored at the same location. As the holder of the Club FAC, I will be able to draw the .338 out for Orion, Gardner’s, and any other FCSA shoots that we attend as
visitors or members.

Club ammunition will be available at £4.50 for the first 100 rounds and then £3.00
for all that is subsequently reloaded by HPS. HPS have tailored a load specifically for this rifle (300 grain Sierra’s with the right amount of powder) which makes it very
It has always been our aim to be able to offer members a chance to shoot HME without their having to buy their own rifles. The club now has access to a 28 inch barrel 7.62mm rifle, tracer for the use in this,  and the .338. At this time, we are concocting a very long range competition, that members and their friends can take part in.
Please do get in touch if you want to take part.

Members may remember that the TCRA was founded in order to formalise Historic
Service Rifle shoots and some HME. After the success of our historic global postal
competition (results to follow) we will be re-shooting the league. As always the
longer range shoots will be changed slightly to keep them fresh, but the 200 yard
“Papua New Guinea” shoot which attracted 25 shooters has been kept exactly the
same to allow the South Africans and Australians to maintain continuity. The PNG
shoot will be on 21st March 2020, so please put that in your diary!
This year, we have bookings at 200/300/600 yards for our standard competition, and we will have a sandbagged shoot at 1000 yards to keep the long range shooters

We offer all Historic shoots to the members of the Lee Enfield Rifle Association as a
The Lee Enfield Rifle Asssociation of Australia wish to enter the CSR imperial in 2021. As sister clubs,  the TCRA will be hosting these Australians and doing all that we can to help make them feel comfortable. We will liaise with the NRA vis a vis visitors permits etc and try to make their stay as smooth as possible.  

After the success of this year’s Hesketh Prichard shoots, we honed the shoots to make them more challenging and believe we have found a winning formula. Gone are the figure 11 targets, we now shoot on the tiny figure 14’s, in pairs, at 300/600 yards. We are going to ask the range office for a single figure 11 at 1000 yards and see if this is possible. We have three dates for HP shoots in the calendar.

BASIC TRAINING: We have some new probationary members and need to impart training to these welcome guests. There is an issue of co-ordinating their time with that of club members who can impart instruction. I am looking at asking a professional instructor to come down and do a shoot with us.
ADVANCED TRAINING: Richard Utting of Sharpshooting UK is a member of the TCRA and provides phenomenal training in how to read and dial distances, set a ballistic Zero and shoot accurately. His courses are not cheap, but they are worth every penny.
Tiff Dew of Roundhouse Firearms runs training days, which make the PRL league more understandable. Anyone wishing further information.
As many of you know, the Artists Rifles Clubhouse have always welcomed us to
stay, have dinner and give out prizes. Moss Mustafa and his Manager MaryAnne
Salisbury have shown us great hospitality. In the quiet winter months, they offer us
accommodation (booked through the club) at very reasonable rates, and with Danny their new Chef, the food has become even better. (We look forward to more fresh
produce). A massive main course for dinner is around £12.00
We have had a good relationship with the Mars and Minerva club, and we offer our
shoot calendar to the M&M as a courtesy. M&M members are treated as members
of our own.
As usual, we will be doing the falling plates with my wonderful team naming. The
Belfast Gamblers and the Kut el Amara historic team. Next year the TCRA will enter a historic Methuen team in conjunction with the KLSM. We enjoy splendid relations
with the Kings Lynn and St Michaels Rifle club, and their members take part in our
sniper and historic competitions. Let me know if you are interested.  

Quite a few of our members are now shooting in the precision rifle league. This is a hugely exciting shooting on small targets on Field Fire Ranges from dynamic positions. The venues include Orion Firearms Training, Roundhouse Firearms Training,
Valhalla in Scotland (Double top secret range X), and other locations yet to be
decided. We thoroughly recommend this completion series and hope to see some of us on the ranges.  

We have booked ranges before most CSR shoots to allow for member training. It is hoped to keep these fees to £20 a head including markers.

We have amazing markers and all TCRA shoots are fully marked, meaning you pay
for the range and to shoot- not to pull targets. (Unless members specifically wish to do so)

We welcome Chris Buckley, Leslie Jardine and Mark McAlister as new members. We hope they continue to enjoy their shooting with us. We welcome new members who are SAFE and not idiots. If you know someone who wishes to join who is safe and
sensible, then please do ask them to join us.
The membership fee will be held at £30 to allow our members to be members of
other clubs and enjoy the TCRA shoots on an ad hoc basis.
 Markers who mark for the TCRA may join for £10 – no admin fee.
 Due to the popularity of the club, the one off “joining” fee for all future applications will be £90 for all new applications with effect from 15.11.2019 . All pending
applications will be at the old price.  

The club has very limited funds, and so all ranges must be prepaid in advance. All
payments are non refundable. If a member decides not to shoot, the fee will not be
repaid. If the club can fill that member’s space, then any extra funds will go to the
club to make up losses on days that we lose money.
And that’s all from me now. I hope to see you on the  ranges as soon as possible. 
Oh and if anyone wants a rifle I have the following for sale 
M1 Garand
Lantac Ar15
Reminton 700 custom build 308 (20 inch barrel)    

TCRA SHOOT CALENDER Visitors holding an FAC/SSC may join all competitions for a £7.00 Surcharge.
Fri 3rd January                                         ALL DISTANCES PRACTICE
 24th January                                              Orion Long Range Field Fire shoot

Saturday 1st February                            ALL DISTANCES PRACTICE
Saturday March 21st                               Historic Global League  COMPETITION PNG Sh oot!
Sunday March 22nd                                         Hesketh Prichard Sniper COMPETITION
Saturday 9th May                                    SERVICE RIFLE SHOOT COMPETITION 
Sunday 10th May                                     Historic Global League   COMPETITION
Fri 22 May to Sun 24 May                     Phoenix Weekend
JUNE 4th/5th                                             RICHARD UTTING SHOOT-LIMITED TO 4
JUNE 12th                                                  LONG RANGE SHOOT TO BE CONFIRMED
AUGUST 7th ORION                                LONG RANGEFIELD SHOOT
 SUNDAY SEPT 20th                                 HISTORIC GLOBAL LEAGUE COMPETITION
 SAT 3rd OCT AM practice                       PRACTICE

Friday 6th November                              All distances practice PRACTICE
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