Rankins Springs Rules Regulations and Guidelines

Rules, regulations and guidelines may change at the discretion of the Event organiser/Range Officer or Scrutineer. Refer to the specific Shoot Notice


  • Friday: Range open for camping and working parties
  • Saturday: 08-00 for opening, registration and scrutineering.
  • 09-00 Shooting will commence
  • After the shoot we clean and lock away firearms and the General Meeting commences.
    Approx. 19-00 on Saturdays we eat our dinner at a long communal table for the telling of tall tales and merriment.
  • Sunday 08-30 commencement. Prize ceremony at conclusion of proceedings

Range and Shoot Rules 

  • All the standard range and firearm safety rules will apply with the addition of the following:
  • Hearing protection is mandatory and eye protection is highly endorsed.
  • No loaded firearms in camp.
  • When transporting firearms around camp, on range etc. all bolts shall be REMOVED. Bolts may be inserted and actions closed when on the firing line and as directed by the Range Officer.
  • The same firearm must be used during all stages of the shoot.
  • All ammunition to be factory Mk. VII, modern equivalent or reloaded to Mk. VII velocity.
  • A time limit of 45 seconds per shot from the time the target appears in certain events.
  • No loading or discharging of firearms at any time without range officer’s approval.
  • Any equipment left on the mound may be used by other shooters. Your generosity is encouraged.
  • Shoot is open to all comers who hold the appropriate licence/p650.
  • Range Officer’s/Scrutineer’s word is final.

Allowable Firearm

  • Military bolt action rifle in .303 British calibre fitted with iron sights subject to scrutineering
  • Front sight must be an un-shaded blade.
  • Slings on as-issued battle rifle must be issue. Length of sling may be altered.
  • Other bolt action firearms (within Range restriction) may be allowed to shoot but will be excluded from the competition subject to scrutineering.
  • Refer to the specific Shoot Notice for further details.


  • Full-bore type jackets.
  • Military tunics are encouraged.
  • LERAA caps, slouch hats, giggle hats, Akubras etc
  • Shooting mats, groundsheets, spotting scopes.

Not Permitted:

  • Recoil pads or custom stocks
  • Ring front sights.
  • Telescopic sights, eagle eyes and diopters.
  • Hooded peaked or Mac caps.
  • Shooting mitts or gloves.
  • Shooting glasses and blinds.
  • Anything else that in the organisers’ opinion is not in the spirit of the event. 


  • There is plenty of room for camping on the range.
  • Limited facilities: pit toilet, washing up water (not drinkable)
  • Firewood can be collected from the boundary.
  • Campfires are not to be left unattended.
  • Fire restrictions may apply and are to be observed.
  • All rubbish to be removed.
  • Generators, ghetto blasters and car stereos are not to cause disturbance to other campers.
  • Dogs to be kept on leads at all times. 

Hot showers/flush toilets are available off-site please communicate with the LERAA Executive for arrangements.

Further accommodation Rankins Springs Motel (02) 6966 1183 or Rankins Springs Caravan Park, (02) 6965 1900.  

Rankins Springs General Store is open most weekend mornings for supplies, ice, gas bottle swaps and fine takeaway food. We highly recommend the burgers.

Conapaira Hotel is the local watering hole open from 2pm until late.

P650 forms will be available from LERAA Secretary on registration. (you MUST present a current photo ID and be able to answer NO to all the questions to qualify)