Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia Inc.

Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia Inc. (LERAA) are a group of enthusiastic Lee Enfield shooters and collectors dedicated to the preservation, restoration and safe shooting of the Lee Enfield series of rifles and their variants. LERAA is a licenced Target shooting club, Hunting club and Collectors club incorporated in New South Wales.

We maintain close relationships with Lee Enfield Rifle Association UK (LERA) and Lee Enfield Rifle Association Suid Afrika (LERASA) and a growing number of Ranges and Shooting clubs. This global group provides us with access to many like minded people who have a similar passion.

LERAA strongly promotes regular shooting competition. We love to talk about them, but we really enjoy using them and we welcome you to join us at one of our calendar events in 2019/2020. We gather for a full weekend approximately six times a year at John Kell OAM Memorial Rifle Range or Rankins Springs Target Shooting Complex. Our members and families camp, socialise, share and shoot; creating a unique experience in some beautiful Australian landscapes.