2020 LERAA Armourer’s Milsurp Shoot incl. “Slater’s Knoll” 200yd Tag event 18-19th July

2020 LERAA Armourer’s Milsurp Stoot including the 200yd “Slater’s Knoll” Tag event.

will be held at Rankins Springs Target Complex, Rankins Springs, NSW

Saturday 18th July


– Welcome and Dedication (flag raising) followed by, registration

– 200yd “Slater’s Knoll” Tag event

(Tag Prizes awarded to members of the Association using No1 Mk3 rifles in “as issued” configuration) All other shooters and rifles permitted ‘within range allowance’ but not eligible for the tag prize. Suitable glory will be displayed

– 22/310 falling plate squads
– Black Powder shoot: Third class 1850’s Bisley Targets

– Gathering for tea and medals
– General Meeting


– Dinner and social banter. (Covid-19 restrictions to be applied)

Sunday 19th July


3x targets at 200 yds.

1. Tin Hat 2 sighters 10 rounds prone
2. Fig 11 10 rnds kneeling
3. Landscape 10 rnds standing.

Target rifles on the day may continue the Tin Hat target for the entire shoot and shoot 3 stages prone

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