Trophy Shoot Rules & Regulations

Rules, regulations and guidelines may change at the discretion of the Event organiser/Range Officer or Scrutineer. All decisions will be considered using the following Rules & Regulations in addition to the “Spirit of the Event”. Range Officer’s/Scrutineer’s word is final.

Covid-19 precautions are to be observed at all times.

All LERAA Trophies are Perpetual Trophies and remain in the possession of the Club Armourer.


  • 07-30 Organisers arrive
  • 08-00 for registration and scrutineering.
  • 08-30 Flag raising and dedication (Pvte.E.H.H.Bain)
  • 08-45 Shooting program will commence
  • Lunch – Self cater (Covid-19 precautions)
  • Conclusion – Trophy presentation

Range and Shoot Rules 

  • All the standard range and firearm safety rules will apply with the addition of the following:
  • Eye and hearing protection is mandatory.
  • When transporting firearms around range etc. all bolts shall be REMOVED. Bolts may be inserted and actions closed when on the firing line and as directed by the Range Officer.
  • The same firearm must be used during all stages of the shoot.
  • All ammunition to be factory Mk.VII modern equivalent or reloaded to Mk.VII velocity.
  • A time limit of 45 seconds per shot from the time the target appears.
  • No loading or discharging of firearms at any time without range officer’s approval.
  • Any equipment left on the mound may be used by other shooters. Your generosity is encouraged.
  • Range Officer’s/Scrutineer’s word is final.
  • Shoot is open to all comers who hold the appropriate licence/p650.

Allowable Firearm

  • Military bolt action rifle in .303 British calibre fitted with iron sights subject to scrutineering
  • Traditional range rifles in .303 British calibre
  • Front sight must be an un-shaded blade.
  • Slings on as-issued battle rifle must be issue. Length of sling may be altered.
  • Slings on Target rifle may be leather or aftermarket manufacture
  • Other bolt action firearms (within Range restriction) may be allowed to shoot but will be excluded from the competition subject to scrutineering.
  • No handicaps shall apply to configuration of rifles
  • Range Officer’s/Scrutineer’s word is final.


  • Full-bore type jackets.
  • Military tunics are encouraged.
  • LERAA caps, slouch hats, giggle hats, Akubras etc
  • Shooting mats, groundsheets, spotting scopes.
  • Modern eyepieces

Not Permitted:

  • Recoil pads or custom stocks
  • Ring or tunnel front sights.
  • Any magnified eyepieces
  • Telescopic sights, eagle eyes and diopters.
  • Hooded peaked or Mac caps.
  • Shooting mitts or gloves.
  • Shooting glasses and blinds.
  • Anything else that in the organisers’ opinion is not in the spirit of the event. 


  • There is plenty of room for camping on the range. Additional fee applies
  • Full shower toilet facilities
  • Fire restrictions may apply and are to be observed.
  • All rubbish to be removed.
  • Generators, ghetto blasters and car stereos are not to cause disturbance to other campers.

P650 forms will be available from LERAA Secretary on registration. (you MUST present a current photo ID and be able to answer NO to all the questions to qualify)