T-Bone Shipwrighting 10%Discount for Lee Enfield work

Tom at T-Bone Shipwrighting is offering a 10% discount to all Corresponding/Full LERAA members for work on Lee Enfield rifles.

T-bone Shipwrighting has focused on vintage service rifle optimisation, through the contract manufacturing of modern replacement barrels, the procurement of commercially available replacement barrels and the gunsmithing to install these barrels, maintain, restore or customize the rifles and optimize their function for whatever purpose. In addition to this, we order barrels and blanks to customer specification from Lothar Walther Germany, airfreighted on a quarterly basis, and have export licences in place with various US suppliers and manufacturers. Our focus has broadened to service many sporting shooters and target shooter, and our range of products is growing accordingly.

“I have been operating as a sole trader since 2004 as a qualified Shipwright and cabinetmaker. Since 2011 I have offered limited gunsmithing services in Sydney, and the range of services continues to grow. In sourcing firearms, parts and components I am active in importing items from around the world for this market, with regular imports from Lothar Walther Germany, Special Interest Arms and access to anything from the USA. I warranty the products that I supply, I am adequately insured for the work that I undertake, and I would be pleased to assist you in getting the best possible accuracy, performance and reliability out of your service, target or hunting rifle, or procuring your specialised requirements from where ever in the world they happen to be.Tom Smith – Owner

Your LERAA Membership Number will be confirmed with the LERAA Secretary to secure the discount. Tom at T-Bone Shipwrighting can be contacted via the website or his Facebook page.