Hosted by Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia

Rankins Springs 18 -20 October 2024


NSWMLA Secretary- John Power secretary@muzzleloadingassociation.com.au

LERAA Secretary- Peter Maher secretary@leraa.com



Range setup & registration.

2 pm Military Application.

  • 300 yds offhand, 10 shots in 7and a half minutes.
  • Spotting scopes are not permitted.

4 pm Military and Sporting Musket. (Run concurrently.)

  • 50 yards offhand, best 10 of 13 shots.
  • Firearm Classes: Military Musket, Trade Musket
  • Spotting scopes can be used for five 5 minutes of comp.



8 am – 8.45 am Rifle Practice.

9 am Australian Muzzle Loading Rifle Championships.

  • 100 yds Off-hand, sit/kneel, prone.
  • 10 shots each position.
  • Categories: Traditional, Military, Open (Shot concurrently)
  • Ladies and Juniors shoot at 75 yards.
  • Firearm Classes: Open, Traditional (must shoot round ball), Military (must shoot minie), Ladies, Junior
  • Spotting scopes can be used.

Followed by

Followed by

2 pm Flintlock Rifle

  • 75 yds off-hand, field loading, open sights only, best 10 from 13 shots.
  • Spotting scopes may be used for first 5 minutes of comp.

4 pm Cannon

  • 50 yds, best 5 of 7 shots

6 pm Knife & Hawk

  • Knife and Hawk (Class for each)
  • Classes for Open, Ladies, Juniors, Peewees



9 am Australian Open M/L Shotgun Championships

MLAIC Layout, 20 target, single rise.

Australian Flintlock Shotgun Championships

MLAIC Layout, 10 target, single rise

  • All ties resolved by shoot off after each event.
  • NB: Host Club reserves the right to reduce number of clays if necessary.
  • 5 Stations, 8 meters behind trap, Single Rise,
  • Flintlock Shotgun As per Percussion Shotgun except 10 birds only

4 pm Presentation



9 am Long Range Rifle- Subject to number of entries
Prior registration required by August 30

  • 500yds
  • Classes for Muzzle Loader and Breech Loader
  • Spotting scopes permitted


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Entry Division
Please select all the Events you will enter. All Events are $10 per Entry (except Cannon $5 per Entry) Some Events allow multiple Entry
Military and Sporting Musket (shot concurrently)
3 Position M/L Rifle (Australian Muzzle Loading Rifle Championships) Select the Category/ies. You may enter in all Categories
Traditional: Patched round ball, open sights / Military: Minie ball. As issued, original or reproduction. / Open: Any lead projectile, any Iron sights, NO sight adjustment during competition.
Brief description of firearm and calibre for each entry in this Category
Brief description of firearm and calibre for each entry in this Category
Brief description of firearm and calibre for each entry in this Category
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