Claremont Firearms

LERAA and Paul from Claremont Firearms share a passion. That passion is Milsurp firearms. Last century Paul made a decision to invest in a large cache of Lee Enfields and assorted parts. At the time this may have been viewed as a somewhat risky gamble. Lee Enfields were still widely available and were generally still an unloved relic from history. Fast forward to the centenary of The Great War and no-one could have foretold the explosion in interest for this somewhat unique design that originated from late1800’s thinking.

LERAA happily refers potential clients to his sought after rifles and those unicorn items we call No1 Mk3 furniture. Claremont Firearms has some fine examples of the rifles, bayonets, parts (incl. New Old Stock barrels in cosmoline) and accoutrements (slings etc) on offer at Claremont Firearms

Our club radio’s. Thank you Claremont Firearms

Ben from Claremont Firearms has the joy of bringing these rifles to the light after decades in storage. He cleans, checks and prepares the rifles for sale. Yes, there Lee Enfields, but the collection has included pistols, Mausers and Moisins (Finns and Russian). If you are after some classic milsurps or parts give Ben a call