“LERAA 25” for .22 Trainers

Global Postal Shoot Invitation.

The Challenge is designed for .22 Training rifles. Competing rifles should be in “as issued” configuration using battle sights. A full list of rifles permitted is attached.

The Challenge is to be held over 3 stages of 10 rounds or (6 stages of 5 rounds) with 2 non-scoring sighting shots.

The range for all shooting will be 25 meters with the supplied targets printed in A4.

It is advised to use 6 targets shooting stages of 5 rounds to make a total of 10 per stage

This competition may be shot as many times as possible from the 1st of February and closing on the 30th November – all scores should be forwarded for recording once a participant is registered.

2021 ” LERAA 25″ Winner, Uwe Neuhaus, Germany


Please complete the forms at the bottom of this page and submit with your score attempt to secretary@leraa.com

or Mail:

  • The Secretary LERAA
    • P.O.Box 745
    • Moruya, 2537
    • NSW Australia


25 Meters Standing Unsupported (LERAA 25 Target supplied)

2 inspected sighting shots are allowed per competitor but may not be retained, sighting shots are inspected and patched out.

10 rounds are fired at the target (Standing Unsupported) on command of the Range Officer

(Please note it is often preferable to shoot stages of 5 rounds as the target is easily illegible depending on accuracy. In this case shooting is stopped after each 5 round stage, however the total shots fired does not change)

The target is scored, then replaced (replacement is advised) or patched.


25 Meters Kneeling Unsupported (LERAA 25 Target Supplied)

Competitors will fire 10 rounds (alternately 2×5 rounds) from the kneeling position, inspect and score as per Practice 1.

I think his secret weapon is his LERAA shirt collection


25 Meters Prone Unsupported (Supplied Target)

10 rounds (Alternately 2×5 rounds) are fired at the target from the prone position, inspect and score as per.

The winning rifle- Lithgows are globetrotters


Recording is based on the honour system.

All scores are to be forwarded on the scoresheet supplied (scanned or photographed)

Participants must indicate the rifle used and sights used. The competition is designed for open (Blade) sights only

The position is Kneeling, should a competitor not be able to kneel then the default is standing (SITTING will NOT be permitted)

Line burners are counted as higher value. A line burner is where any of the projectile has perforated the target line.

Permitted time is to be determined by the range officer but should not be excessive.

Registration must include country of origin, rifle used, sights used, name, and name of club (if applicable)

Slings (if used) should be as issued and be regulation length, single point slings are not permitted.

Shooting mats used in the prone stage are to be standard fullbore type mats. No padded mats.

Headgear should be in keeping with the period, no Mac Caps or shaded type shooting caps, Giggle, floppy or slouch hats are encouraged.

Competitors are invited to post pictures of the attempt on our Facebook page/group or email images to media@leraa.com for publication (please supply a short report and consent for the pictures to be used)

The supplied target (PDF) should be printed in colour and fit to the sides of an A4 sheet of paper in portrait orientation.

Permitted Rifles.

(note rifles with tunnel foresights/Aperture Sights are classed separately)

  • Bolt .22LR ” Long Lee” 1 Enfield Trainer Sleeved Barrel
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF Short Mk.1, Mk.II 1 Enfield Trainer Converted from Lee Metford Mk.1& MkII
  • Bolt .22LR War Office Pattern 1 BSA Trainer Two models Full Wood & Half Wood
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF Pattern 14 & Pattern 18 1 Enfield Trainer Converted from Lee Enfield Mk.I & MkIII Bolt .22LR .22RF No.2 Mk.IV 1 Enfield Trainer Converted from SMLE No.1 MkIII
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF No.3 1 Various Trainer Converted from P 14 Rifle No. 3 Mk.1*
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF No.5 Trials Rifle 1 Enfield Trainer Looks like a No.5 with tunnel foresight
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF No. 6 Experimental Rifle 1 Enfield & BSA Trainer Looks like a No.5 with tunnel foresight. Forerunner to Rifle No. 8
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF Rifle No. 7 5 BSA Trainer Made for RAF. Looks like a No.4 Has a BSA Sportsman 5magazine inserted into normal No.4 mag.
  • Bolt .22LR Canadian.22RF Rifle No.C 7 1 BSA Trainer Looks like a No.4
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF Rifle No.8 1 RSAF Fazackerly & BSA Trainer Standard Army & Air Cadet trainer NOT fitted with tunnel foresight
  • Bolt .22LR .22RF Rifle No.9 1 Parker Hale Trainer Converted by PH for Royal Navy. Looks like a No.4 Bolt .22LR
  • Ross Straight Pull Cadet Rifle 1 Ross Trainer Aperture & Open Sight


This is the official scoresheet to be completed for every entry into the competition. Please copy and paste to a word processing or email document for printing.

Registration LERAA 25

To be returned with first supplied scores, your entry will be invalid without completing the form.



Country of residence:___________________________________

Club Represented (if any):_________________________________________________

Rifle Used:____________________________________________



                Date of Manuf:___________________________

                Sights: (aperture or Blade)__________________

                Ammunition used_________________________

How many years have you been shooting?_________________________



I acknowledge by submitting this entry that the information/scoring is correct and the rules have been followed. Please submit photographic evidence via email (pictures of targets/rifle) if requested. Decisions by the organiser will be final and subject to change if required.


The supplied target should be printed in colour and fit to the sides of an A4 sheet of paper in portrait orientation.