Vale – Hywel Davies

9/7/54 – 4/10/22

THE LERA community was stunned by the death of Hywel Davies in Cardiff. A popular member of the club, Hywel was a regular fixture at CSR and historic rifle competitions, as well as LERA(UK) shoots.

Imbued with a great sense of humour, an unerring ability to put people at ease, a constant curiosity about life, and enormous common sense, he was a man of great warmth and firm opinions.

As befits a Welshman, Hywel loved singing and was mad keen on sport: he was in the Welsh junior tennis team, played rugby from an early age, enjoyed skiing and swimming, played golf and got into squash and running, as well as hiking and camping.

After studying law and getting married in 1974, he qualified as a solicitor and worked at several practices in Cardiff. Son Liam was born in 1980, but sadly, the marriage ended soon after. Hywel later set up a very successful law practice with colleagues in 1996.

Having met fellow solicitor Rachel in the early ‘80s, they married in 1987 and had son Joseph and daughter Sarah soon after. A devoted father, Hywel would regularly drive to Lancashire to either bring Liam back down to Cardiff, or go camping with him in the Lakes.

Hywel and Rachel enjoyed socialising with their many friends, as well as travelling, visiting Greece (twice), Sicily, Belgium and France in 2022. His personal dreams were to tour New Zealand in a camper van, travel around the world, and sledge with huskies in the Arctic.

A man of firm opinions, he knew what he liked: his breakfast bowl was always a carefully constructed work of art, while his tea had to brew for a minimum of 5 minutes. Hywel was no less passionate about shooting and collecting rifles, militaria and shooting equipment. A member of LERA for over 10 years, he was often jokingly, but affectionately, referred to as ‘The Beast’ because of his LERA membership number – 666.

At Hywel’s funeral, Liam said: “To me, he was a giant in every way,” while Joseph stated: “Dad had a talent for finding joy in the simplest of things.”

LERA members said:

“What an all-round lovely, warm, gentle chap he was.”

“I will not forget my first introduction to haggis … it was an experience.”

“Stalwart of our Methuen teams, fellow southpaw and just the nicest bloke.”

“A huge loss, everybody loved him.”

“A wonderfully kind and generous man.”

“Absolute gentleman and a pleasure to shoot with.”

“Hywel was great company, generous, good-humoured, with a bright welcoming smile. I will miss that, and his gentle lilting Welsh accent.”