Principal Club Nomination Letter

LERAA is a registered Target Shooting, Hunting and Collector Association and your membership can be used as a Genuine Reason for holding your firearms licence. To use your LERAA membership as proof you will need to nominate LERAA as your principal club.

Each shoot you will be required to sign the Shoot book which will list the various shooting activities that will be conducted. LERAA Secretary will then compile and report your completion of the required activities for each reporting period.

Copy, paste the following document into your word processor, complete the personal details, print, sign and send to:

NSW Police Force Firearms Registry
Locked Bag 5102
Parramatta NSW 2124

To whom it may concern,
I, (insert name as per licence)    
of (insert address)

Firearms Licence No:
hereby nominate Lee Enfield Rifle Association Australia  
as my principal club for the purpose of: circle those that apply 

Target Shooting (Approval no.412152433)

Hunting (Approval no.412152449)

Collecting (Approval no.412152473)

as per categories on my licence 
My LERAA membership number is …….
My membership is paid until June 30 20... at which time I will renew.

Please contact LERAA Secretary to inform of your nomination