LERAA Black presents “Black Powder Match”

Distance: 100yds
Position: Standing unsupported
No. of shots: Centrefire 23, Muzzleloading 13.
Targets: Bisley 1850 2nd class black powder target.
Scoring: Scores tallied at the end of entire practice. Bull=4, Inner=3, Outer=2
Timing: In your own time
HPS: Centrefire 80, Muzzleloading 40.

  1. Competitors will when instructed, fire their first three rounds from the standing position in their own time.
  2. Upon the completion of their first three rounds being fired, the range will be closed, competitors will be then allowed to proceed to their target and observe their fall of shot when instructed by the range officer. No scoring or patching of targets will take place at this time.
  3. Following this, the range will be reopened and when instructed, competitors will proceed in firing their remaining rounds.
  4. Upon completion of the remaining rounds, the range will be again closed, and scoring will take place. For Centrefire, the best scoring 20 rounds will be counted. For Muzzleloading, the best scoring 10 rounds will be counted.

For Muzzleloading firearms, a designated loading area will be nominated with no capping to be done until competitors are on the firing line. Any capping off to be completed with the permission of the range officer.
Due to the range of firearm type and calibre being used in this match, if a round takes a line on the target, 50% or more is required to be within the boundary of the higher value for that score to be taken.
Tight shooting jackets, shooting gloves, shooting hats with one eye closed are not allowed.
Where applicable, any slings must be as issued to that class of rifle.
Match Rulings will refer to CLASSIC AND HISTORICAL RIFLE MATCH, EQUIPMENT AND SCORING RULES Ver 2.0 2018 as found at the NSWMLA website.

The decision to waive/amend the above rules on attire lies at the discretion of the range officer of the day and or LERAA Secretary