General Orders

2022 Trans Continental Rifle Association Tag

Sat 17th – Sun 18th September 2022

Historic Service Rifle Match No.4



  • Table open for P650, registration, and payments of $50 for the weekend (Licence and Photo ID essential)
  • Bayonets will be fitted (one will be loaned to you if you don’t have one)
  • All shooting will be conducted “in the spirit of the event” please note padded jackets, padded shooting mats, mac caps, shaded front sights and anything that is, in the organiser’s opinion, not in “Spirit” will not be permitted.
  • The shoot is designed for as issued No1MkIII rifle in “as issued” configuration, other calibres and models may be entered but will not be eligible for prizes.


  • General gathering at Flagpole for shoot dedication and Flag raising
  • Safety Brief by Chief RO and Range Setup
  • P650 shooters will be assigned a licenced instructor
  • Chief Range officer will allocate ROs to a practice for the day. It will not be expected for an RO to be on all practices.

0900 Shots away!

  • Practice 1 & 2 of the TransContinentalRifleAssociation Tag CoF until complete
  • Range Officers will appoint seconds as required on the day.

1100 Approx 2022 LERAA 25 for .22 trainers

  • For those who have not competed or would like to compete. This will be the last time to get your scores in for 2022
  • The Challenge is to be held over 3 stages of 10 rounds or with 2 non-scoring sighting shots.
  • The range for all shooting will be 25 meters with the supplied targets printed in A4.

1400 Approx Shoot gun shoot

  • 10 round/10 birds’ elimination shoot.
  • Any shotgun is approved.
  • “Daring” headwear is encouraged

1730 General Meeting

  • The Meeting will be held at 17h30 for members and guests (if you are interested)

1900 Dinner

  • Tables setup around a fire for long table dinner.
  • Bring what you have and join in the revelry as we eat, drink, and spread merriment




  • Safety Brief and Range setup
  • Practice 3-5 TransContinentalRifleAssociation Tag CoF until complete
  • The shoot will run until concluded no sighters will be permitted on the second day
  • Lunch will be considered depending on timing (more than likely we will finish before lunch).

Presentation of Tags followed by back slapping, congratulations, tea and medals

After lunch:

Black Powder for those hanging around and would like to fiddle with their smoke poles.

Targets to be determined


  • All times are approximate, but we would like them to be as close as possible to the stated times.
  • The word of the Range Officer is FINAL on the day.
  • All matters relating to the “Spirit of the Event” being upheld are at the discretion of the LERAA Executive – queries can be made via the Secretary or any member of the Executive.