Past Events 2020

Our targeting shoot calendar has concluded for 2020.

The Hunt club will meet one last time 28/29 Nov and for those interested please contact our LERAA Hunt Captain at

The 2021 Calendar is released. Thank you to our sponsors, attendees and those hard working behind the scenes people who do the stuff that people dont see.


  • (Cancelled due to fires) February 15-16 Global Friendship Shoot incl. Slater’s Knoll Tag Event
  • (Cancelled due to Covid-19)May 23-24 LERAA WaD Weekend (Course of Fire in development)
  • July 4-6 LERAA Hunt Weekend
  • (Cancelled due to Covid-19)September 12-13 Weekend training for Imperial Shoot Bisley Team

Nov 28-29 LERAA Hunt Weekend. See Hunt Captain for details