LERAA Global / The PNG 9-10th February 2019

Notice of Shoot

Saturday and Sunday 9 &10 February 2019

Saturday 9th

Shotgun shoot, any shotgun 10 birds only. Winners will shoot for places if required.


2019 Enfield Global Postal Shoot 200yds.

“War and Peace” for rifles chambered in .303 British in original configuration (as issued) Three Position Fig 11 and 12 targets (Modified)
Prize Tag event for members.

The General Meeting will be held soon after the event

Sunday 10th

8am onwards

Historic Service Rifle Match No.3 -The PNG

The PNG to be conducted over the course of the day (registration from 7:30am). For rifles chambered in .303 British in original configuration (as issued). Other rifles, calibres and classes permitted but may not qualify for prizegiving.
54 rounds required in various 3 position application

Venue: John Kell O.A.M. Memorial Rifle Range, Bald Hill Rd, Hill End.
(All times are approximate)

Details Rules and Helpful Guidelines

Full Price for the weekend will the $50-00, this includes camping and birds

All visitors, guests or new shooters with LERAA must contact Secretary@leraa.com