Brad: Barrel Test debunked

I have here a little clip I did to debunk a very common misconception in the Enfield world. I have put this together because of meatheads like the one who posted this… and others on you tube as well as wrote a book on accurising the Lee Enfield that is 70% self made up bullshit disguised behind a little technical talk.

Here is my little clip showing firstly a cupronickel and a copper jacketed projectile failing the barrel according to the test done by the meathead in his film. Then it goes on to show another cupronickel nickel and copper projectiles in the same barrel which now passes the test… by the way, the barrel is brand new, the test is very flawed. It depends on all bullets being exactly the same size, shape and seating depth on every round ever made to be a viable test.

Further on in his film the meathead decides the chamber end of a barrel in worn out because a round can drop all the way in where it should stop over 1/4 inch out where the rifling begins to engrave the bullet. This is wrong. The throat of the chamber is designed to allow the cartridge to be all the way in and the bullet will not reach the rifling. There is supposed to be a fair “jump” where the projectile has began moving on firing before it contacts the rifling. A bullet jamming into the rifling when the cartridge is chambered can cause a dangerous over pressure in the chamber.Pause-0:10Additional Visual SettingsClick to enlargeUnmuteClick to expandPosted by Brad Hedges