Official LERAA Photographer

We are thrilled to have had Mike Tinney join us at the recent shoot. Mike photographed many attendees and events of the weekend. The quality of the shots has many anticipating further opportunities.

Mike is a British still life and documentary photographer living near Sydney…

“…I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed working on many great collaborations in the names of art and commerce, but there’s still so much more I’d like to do. I enjoy solving creative problems, from lighting to composition to portraying emotion in inanimate and animate things.

I am so aware of the changing times. I haven’t chosen the easiest industry to make my way in, given the changing technology and increasing accessibility of photography to all. But this is just one further creative challenge – how to keep image-making vibrant, high quality, and provide for the needs of the modern client without undermining it as an art. Challenging times, but also interesting ones. It requires flexibility and an open spirit. “

Please contact Mike at