With the upcoming The 303 Prize just a few weeks away, it’s time to introduce the Tags for June 2022.

Inside the 303 Prize shoot is the LERAA members Tag shoot, it is our core event that is contested between members only and generally a gold tag is more sought after that any trophy or cash prize.

LERAA tags are dedicated to a battle or theatre of operations in which Australia has seen action, tags are dedicated by a LERAA member at the raising of the Flag at the start of each shoot.

This time, members will be shooting for the “Elands River” tags. I look forward to this dedication and to once again shooting for the elusive Gold Tag!

Want to join in?

You’ll need to become a member of LERAA, a good No.1 Mk.III rifle and 32 rounds loaded to Mk.VII spec to shoot for a tag.

Visit our website for membership details.