Deceased Estates/Bequests

In times of bereavement many relatives find themselves in the difficult situation about what to do with a lifetime of accumulated firearms, ammunition, various tools and accoutrements, and frighteningly a letter from Firearms Registry New South Wales Police. Before you act please consider contacting LERAA Armourer. He can provide you with answers to your many questions and provide a way forward.

We can help. Not only are we actively shooting these rifles, we are also collectors and actively work to preserving the rich history of target shooting with the 303/old style rifles. Our armourer is available to answer questions and assist you with this process, should you just need advice or wish to sell all or part of the collection. Not only are there firearms to consider, ammunition and all shooting accoutrements may require special consideration. Make contact with Graham, LERAA Armourer. Graham will call you to talk you through the process and the timelines to your individual circumstance.

We would prefer for collections not to be broken up or dispersed and in some cases may ask to research your relative/husband/ loved one, so that we may preserve the collection with a history of who owned them. Many LERAA shooters have treasured rifles and items that are handed down from previous shooters. To be able to talk about these previous owners and their equipment is part of keeping our rich heritage alive.