2022 Beat The Heat & Battle of Wau Tag

19-20 February 2022

Rankins Springs Target Shooting Complex

  • Sat  7.62 300yd (open to all Historic 7.62 & .303 TR /as issued) 2 x 10 round matches
  • Sun am  “Battle of Wau” LERAA Tag
  • Sun pm  “The LERAA 25” 25m Rimfire Global Postal Shoot for .22 trainers / 310 Cadet

(LERAA Black 10 x 100yd period targets will be open Fri/Sat/Sun pm)

Registration Form

    Saturday only $25Sunday only $25Both Days $50No fee

    Cash on the dayPrepaid Direct Deposit

    (please complete separately for each attendee to the range)