2024 LERAA Tin Hat Challenge Trophy

Tin Hat Challenge Trophy for Marksmanship at 300 and 500yds.

(Targets used will be original Tin Hat targets)

15rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 300yds

15rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 500yds *

(Target rifles or as issued rifles in 303 British)

Prizes are only issued to competitors using as issued SMLE,No4 rifles or P14 chambered in .303. All other calibres (within licence allowance) are welcome to participate

Rankins Springs Target Shooting Complex


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P650 forms are available at Registration table on the day of the event. Please bring suitable Photo ID
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Camping onsite is free of charge. Caravan Park and a Motel is available in the village (1km)
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