Calendar/Upcoming Events


(Cancelled due to fires) February 15-16 Global Friendship Shoot incl. Slater’s Knoll Tag Event

April 4-5 SSAA ACT MFC Territorials (Majura)

April 18-19 2020 ANZAC Commemorative Tag

May 23-24 LERAA WaD Weekend (Course of Fire in development)

June 20-21 LERAA Service Rifle Prize (Rankins Springs)

July 4-6 LERAA Hunt Weekend

July 11-12 LERAA / TCRA Global P.N.G. Shoot incl. “Slater’s Knoll” 200yd Tag event

August 22-23 LERAA 2020 Tin Hat Challenge (incl. Tag Event)

September 12-13 Weekend training for Imperial Shoot Bisley Team

October 3-4 LERAA Shoot (Course of Fire in development)

November 21-22 2020 H.C.Fluke Memorial Trophy (incl. Tag Event)