2020 H.C.Fluke Trophy incl. Tag event 21-22nd November

will be held at the John Kell O.A.M. Memorial Rifle Range,

Saturday 21st November

Shoot Notice to be published closer to the event

 Morning – Welcome and Dedication (flag raising) followed by, registration

– Shotgun Shoot – 10 Birds (one shot only permitted per bird) the older the gun the more kudos to the shooter. Adventurous hats strongly encouraged – prize may be awarded

Carry on up the LERAA

Afternoon – 200yd Tag event

Tag Prizes only awarded to members of the Association using No1 Mk3 rifles in “as issued” configuration. All other rifles permitted ‘within range allowance’ but not be eligible for the tag prize.

Sunday 22nd November

H.C. Fluke Memorial Trophy at 300 and 700yds.

(Targets used will be original Tin Hat targets)

10rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 300yds

10rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 700yds.

(For Target rifles or ‘as issued” rifles in 303 British)

Prizes are only issued to competitors using SR-a and SR-b rifles chambered in .303 British.

(as per rifle classifications of LERAA)

All other calibres/rifles (within range allowance) are welcome to participate but will not be eligible for the trophy.

H.C.Fluke 24th Bn. (The Queen’s) London Regiment (T/24/LONDON)

    Firearms Licence heldP650

    Saturday only $25Sunday only $25Both Days $50

    Cash on the dayPrepaid Direct Deposit