2023 LERAA Marine Rescue Trophy


  • Training for new shooters
  • .22 training
  • .22 tactical match
  • Milsurp show, shoot and tell, Milsurp mini shoot (10 round prone, 10 rounds double snap)

SATURDAY General Orders

0800 – Table open for P650, registration, and payments of $50 for the weekend (Licence and
Photo ID essential)
• All shooting will be conducted “in the spirit of the event” please note padded jackets, padded
shooting mats, mac caps, shaded front sights and anything that is, in the organisers opinion,
not in “spirit” will not be permitted.
• The Tag Shoot is designed for as issued NO1Mk3 rifle in “as issued” configuration, other
calibres and models may be entered but will not be eligible for prizes.
0830 – General gathering at Flagpole for flag raising.
Followed by – Safety Brief by Chief RO and Range Setup – (P650 shooters will be assigned a
licenced instructor) Chief Range officer will allocate ROs to a practice for the day. It will not be
expected for an RO to be on all practices.
0900 – .22 training for camo club, new shooters, Bisley. We will focus on the operation and safe handling of
the rifles, positioning, stance and appropriate shooting techniques. Various targets will be present for
1100 – .22 Tactical Match run by Paul McCrudden. This will teach camo club trainees (or others) basics in
long range precision shooting. Distances will be 50-200m. If you have a scope .22 bring it along.
Set up for Milsurp show and tell should be done at this point.
1300 – Milsurp/Black powder show, shoot and tell. A display of a number of Milsurp and black powder rifles,
Militaria on display. Possible 20 round match completed at 200 yards on tin hat and figure 12 (double
snap) if time permits.
General Meeting:
No General Meeting will be held this shoot. We will be holding a long table dinner at the large fire at 1900.
Cook a meal bring it along. Telling of stories, tall and true, Good natured ribbing and self promotion welcomed


SUNDAY General Orders

0800 – Safety Brief at the LERAA flag and dedication
0830 – Marine Rescue Trophy (4 practices)
Event will run until concluded followed by back slapping, congratulations, a round of tea and trophy
• All times are approximate, but we would like them to be as close as possible to the stated times.
• The word of the RANGE OFFICER is FINAL on the day.
• All matters relating to the “spirit of the event” being upheld are at the discretion of the LERAA
Executives – queries can be made via the secretary or any member of the executive


General Outline

The Marine Rescue Trophy will be a LERAA shoot designed for SMLE chambered in .303 in “as issued” configuration.  Other classes are permitted with the consent of the executive by prior arrangement and may not be eligible for the trophy. Targets used will be the Fig 11, Fig 12 targets and Tin Hats. The scoring will be done by the Scorer and participants with scores relayed to the score board after each detail.

Time permitting a break will be taken for lunch between stages.

SQUADDING – Competitors will be squadded into 2 details on the firing line with a second per shooter.  Scoring details will be selected at random and dispatched when changeover is required.

AMMUNITION – A minimum of 42 rounds are required to complete the event.  Competitors are to supply their own ammunition. All reloading will be done via charger loader on the mound when instructed.

FIRING POSITIONS – Prone, kneeling and off-hand standing.  Competitors with disabilities may be permitted to shoot seated at a table but are expected to shoot off-hand details as unsupported.

RIFLES – All SMLE rifles shall be in the spirit of the original.  The LERAA Classes and Definitions will be applied at the discretion of the executive.  The following will apply regardless of the mark of SMLE:

a. Sights must be set centrally; aim off for wind adjustment

b. Slings if used must be 2 point service pattern (leather or webbing) attached to the mid band swivel and butt sling swivel

c. Shooting jackets, Padded Mats and Padded shooting gloves are not permitted


  • Match 1 – (Standing Unsupported, 200 yds)  – 2 marked sighting shots may be taken prior to the start of this match, followed by 10rnds unsupported standing (figure 11) on screen Bayonet Fixed.
  • Match 2 – (Snap 200 yds) 10 rounds will be fired at the fig 12 target with 3 second exposures indicated by whistle blast.
  • Match 3 – (Rapid 200yds) 10 rounds will be fired at the figure 11 target on screen, competitors will retrieve the rifle (full magazine – bolt open) from the standing position behind the firing point, go to the prone and fire 10 rounds in 60 seconds.
  • Match 4 – From the prone unsupported position 10 rounds will be fired at the 200yrd Tin Hat Targets all points to score.


    Saturday only $25Sunday only $25Both Days $50No fee

    Cash on the dayPrepaid Direct Deposit