2020 Tin Hat Challenge 22-23th August


McIntosh Rifle Range, 22 Hector McIntosh Grove (off Majura Rd) Majura, ACT

Course of Fire

Saturday 22nd August

If you are in Canberra we hope to spend the day at the Australian War Memorial.

Myles Woodward, President, Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia to lay a wreath at the Last Post Ceremony 4.30pm

The wreath will commemorate the life and sacrifice of

Lance Corporal Roy Bathurst Mason

Free booking required to attend the event CLICK HERE

Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia to gather and place a poppy for

Pvte. Edward Henry Halford Bain

Dinner at a suitable Canberra eating establishment

Sunday 23rd August

Tin Hat Trophy for Marksmanship at 300 and 500yds.

(Targets used will be original Tin Hat targets)

15rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 300yds

15rnds with 2 optional sighting shots at 500yds.

(For target rifles or “as issued” rifles, chambered in 303 British)

Prizes are only issued to competitors using scrutineered rifles eg Range rifles or as issued SMLE, No4 rifles or P14 chambered in .303. All other calibres and rifles (within Range allowance) are welcome to participate but are ineligible for the Tin Hat Trophy

Prices – $25

Further info:

Email: secretary@leraa.com

Printable CoF will be attached shortly

P650 forms will be available from the secretary (you MUST present a photo ID that is current and answer NO to all the questions to be able to shoot)

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