LERAA .22Trainer/.310 Cadet shoot.

Saturday 25th January 2020

Be at the Range 9 am

Thelmore Pistol Club Indoor 25m Range. Intersection the of George Bass Drive & Donnelly Drive, Moruya.

Camping is available $10 per night. Stay for some fishing on Sunday and keep the local community alive in the difficult times.

All welcome but Registrations are limited to 18 shooters

Course of Fire

* Rapid 1 Fire as many rounds as possible in: Single shot trainer/310 Cadet 50 seconds Magazine fed trainer 30 seconds

* 3 Position Off hand (unsupported) Snap 5 exposures of 10 seconds 2 Shots per exposure 5-15 seconds between exposures Kneeling 10 shots – 2 min time limit Prone Deliberate 10 Shots – 4 min time limit

* Rapid 2 Fire as many shots as possible in: Single shot trainer/310 Cadet 90 seconds Magazine fed trainer 60 seconds

*No reloading assistants permitted in any phase.

Firearms Licence heldP650

Saturday $10

Cash on the dayPrepaid Direct Deposit